Jim Grossmann's Word Garden

Welcome to my vanity site. I call it a word garden because it's something I fuss over strictly as an avocation. Unless otherwise indicated, all of the words in this garden are mine. Just in case they move anyone to respond, I can be reached here.

Ideas About Space Aliens
a one-man bull session about what aliens might be like -- no footnotes, but no references to "walk-ins," star messiahs, and other new age BS either

Political Soapbox
something everyone should have

The "Q" Files
some articles yours truly volunteered to write for a free LGBT newspaper

Random Thoughts
short writings; no particular order

Spirit Lore
the secret & heretical doctrines of my imaginary alter-ego, Burl Hazel Dada

The Fourlife Catechism
a catechism for a modern polytheistic religion

Haiku by the Genre
Novels have genres. Movies have genres. Why not haiku?

Goesk Grammar
a grammar for a Germanic-looking imaginary language